Angels Are Awaiting
He was contemplating what was said…from his doctor by his bed
He reached and took his doctors sleeve, trembling hands from his disease
My Savior calls; I see Angels in my room

Cause Angels are awaiting to carry me away
Heavens so much nearer, then it was yesterday
Family are a ’waiting, we’ll worship at His throne
Forever with my Savior… I’m going home
Going home… I’m going home

Severely wounded on the battlefield…in the mud he lay so still
Holding his Bible Oh so tight
The medic knelt to comfort him, then saw his peace within
The Soldier said don’t worry I’ll be alright

The preacher preached God’s grace was free, but only one would bow their knee
So many neglect eternity…
The day will come when Jesus calls, and death will stalk your earthly halls
Will there be Angels by your side to see…

Will Angels be awaiting to carry you away?
Heavens can be nearer, if you will only pray
Loved ones wait expectantly, that the seed was sown
Praying that their Savior…will bring you home
Going home… are you going home