Would You Rather Be A Millionaire?
Verse 1 If you had to sell all your things below
To pay your way up to heaven, would you make it so
Do your earthly gems and things here hold for you more worth
Than your souls’ salvation and your brand new birth

Verse 2 Are you seeking first, the kingdom of the Lord
And his righteousness and are you studying his word
It will fill your heart with gladness make your soul anew
Then shall all these things be added unto you

Verse 3 Would you if you could, gain the entire world
All the precious gems and metals, diamonds, gold, and pearls
The bible warns us with the question asked of men of old
What would be the profit if you lose your soul?

Verse 4 Have you heard the news, the price it has been paid
Don’t it make you happy you don’t have to work your way
Thru faith its grace and given free so you could never boast
Glory to the Father, Son, and Hol-y Ghost

Would you rather be a wealthy millionaire or
Would you rather be rejoicing over there
Would you rather be a rich man here upon the earth or Live forever in a place with untold worth