songwriters: ©1990(p)2016 Rex Fowler & Jayne Olderman
Somewhere Publishing (ASCAP)/Olderman Music(BMI)

Anna, when the world is waking
My poor heart is aching for you
Anna, when the world is dreaming
My poor heart is breaking in two

Oh, if only tonight
I were holding you tight
You could make my dreams come true
It’s so lonely at night
Yes, if only tonight
We could make love not take love
no, I would never take from you

Anna, when the world is hating
I’ll be right here waiting for you
Oh, if only tonight
In a different light
You could see me as I am
I’m so sorry to say
Life is funny that way
Could we be more than just good friends?

I want to spend my life with you
Don’t you even have a clue?
Anna, oh Anna
I’m so in love with you