songwriters: ©1984(p)2016 Rex Fowler & Jayne Olderman
Somewhere Publishing (ASCAP)/Olderman Music(BMI)

In a little white town up in central Maine
Lived a boy named John and a girl named Jane
They were neighbors then on a country road
Only way back when they were two years old
They logged a lot of time down in Jane’s sandbox
Where they learned to play and share and talk
In a couple a years they were climbing rocks

And running in the rain

Jane… Hey Jane…
I’ll meet you in the sun for a run in the pouring rain

Many summers flew many screen doors slammed
As the boy grew in to a nice young man
And the little girl who lives three doors down
Wore her heart on the sleeve of her evening gown
He bought a pink carnation and wrist corsage
And he picked her up in the old man’s Dodge
After the prom he gave her a foot massage
Down on Lover’s Lane


In a little white house on the coast of Maine
Lives a man named John and a woman named Jane
They got two little kids and a dog named Rex
Once or twice a week they have real sweet sex
John’s a loving husband Jane’s a loving wife
They’ve got a lovely family and a lovely life
And they stick together through the joy and strife
The laughter and the pain