Dewey Brown-Fiddle and lead vocals | Leslie Brown- Bass and harmony vocals
Kendall Gales- Mandolin | Brandon Hinson- Banjo | Tim Spence- Guitar | Produced by Dewey and Leslie Brown

“DANA” Song Bio:
Once again, Dewey and Leslie Brown showcase their intense, high lonesome authentic bluegrass sound in their new single, Dana.
Their duet singing is undeniably powerful and truly unique in bluegrass. Dewey brings his clear tenor voice, while Leslie dishes out her distinctive sweet mountain harmony.  Joined by their world-class band The Carolina Gentleman on this track, Dewey also provides plenty of virtuosic fiddling. It is no accident that his music moves you when you hear it, since Dewey played fiddle for Dr. Ralph Stanley as a Clinch Mountain Boy for 11 years until Dr. Stanley's death in 2016! Dewey learned from the best and carries on the tradition well!
To add to the energy of this exceptional duo, Leslie is also a talented songwriter. She was raised in the Appalachian Mountains in the coal mining town of Vansant, Virginia by her grandparents, steeped in the bluegrass mountain music which was always a mainstay in her household. The couple’s debut CD, "Under the Mountain," received positive reviews comparing Leslie’s singing to Hazel Dickens.
"This new CD by Dewey & Leslie Brown is an exact 'statement' of how that music sounded, and how it should look. The fantastic thing about this incredible CD is that Leslie Brown wrote all the songs except a PD Pretty Polly and a Hazel Dickens song "Black Lung," which Leslie sings a capella. Whew, this is the way Hazel wrote it. Yes, that's right. This CD is 'ORIGINAL' mountain-style bluegrass the way it was meant to be." - Bob Everhart ( President, National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show)
The new song “Dana” was co-written by these two seasoned bluegrass artists. It is based on the true story of the challenging life of Leslie's youngest sister Dana, who was the victim of some very violent bullies which led her to become a bully herself later in life. The story moves on to describe how Dana eventually finds compassion and becomes a better person. Nothing is fake about her music - Leslie writes the truth about her life and experiences in rural Virginia.  However, like so many stories, Dana’s journey was still difficult. She married and had a child of her own. However, while life was going right for a while, her demons once again led her down a darker path.
While Leslie has a tremendous love for her sister, she has always referred to Dana as a “rambler”. Like so many struggles within families, we pray most for the ones who need our help the most. Dana is a song is about love, acceptance, and compassion for the ones who struggle in life.

“Dana” is the second single release for Dewey and Leslie Brown’s upcoming Bell Buckle Release, “Jeanlousy”.

Recorded at :
The Music Store
Graham, NC
Mixed and Mastered by Dewey and Leslie Brown at the
The Rubber Room
Chapel Hill, NC
By Jerry Brown

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