The Story Of My Life
Hit the road when I was 13, couldn’t take no more abuse
Momma turned a blind eye, she couldn’t stand the truth
She made me call him daddy, through all the grief and pain
Even though I didn’t have one drop of his blood in my veins
That’s how the story goes
The life I’ve lived nobody knows
These memories cut me like a knife
But that’s the story of my life
I rode herd in west Texas, wore a badge in El Paso
Mined silver in Neveda, I worked the Comstock lode
Panned gold in California was 1849
Shotgun rider for Wells Fargo on the Sacramento line
Vicksburg Mississippi on the 13th day of June
His grizzled face caught my eye as he came into the room
Through the crowd I walked up to him, I never said a word
The click of the hammer was the last sound that he heard