A Long Row to Hoe

Out of bed at daylight breakfast on the stove
Grab our dinner bucket getting ready to go
We’ll head on out to the field scratchin in the ground
Better grab that jug of water the sun is beating down
It’s a long row to hoe, a long row to hoe
Better grab your workin britches, it’s a long row to hoe
We won’t wait on the government to give us what we need
Cause only God can give it, but we have to plant the seed
Fire on the mountain burnin timber down
Let’s call on help from the Lord to put the hot flames out
Rain makes a river where there wasn’t one before
Our crops are nearly under, so let’s pray to the Lord
He’ll save us from the water rising to the door
He’ll put the hey back in the field like he’s always done before
It takes a willing servant to work with able hands
And he’ll be right there beside us for its by his grace we stand