She Ain't Worth It
Thought I’d give it one more try
But she was setting me up to say goodbye
Just like this teardrop in my eye
she ain’t worth it
Picked mysef up off the floor
Watched her walk right out the door
Reached for my old .44
but she ain’t worth it
But that was a long time ago
Now I’ve taught myself just to let it go
Just sit and bathe in the afterglow
Cause she ain’t worth it
She ain’t worth the worry man
Better get out now while you can
Get that girl off your mind
Boy that reason ain’t got no rhyme
Ain’t no need to waste your time
She ain’t worth it
Every day a brand new fight
She’ll break your heart just for spite
Something here don’t add up right
She ain’t worth it
You might think I had it made
But you don’t know the price I paid
Let’s just call a spade a spade
Boys she ain’t worth it
Before the ring was off her hand
She was making plans with another man
I hope by now you understand
She ain’t worth it