Wilkes County Clay
In North Carolina, in the County of Wilkes
There’s a tale of deception, murder and guilt
I’ll spare no compassion, the truth I will tell
Let God alone judge me, this side of hell
Miss Annie and Laura, the fairest of fair
Cast a spell on all suitors, with beauty so rare
One was jealous, the other naive
One planned to marry, one to deceive
Tom won’t you play your fiddle?
Play a joyful song
Don’t worry about tomorrow
Cause tomorrow you’ll be gone
Annie said Laura, Tom said to me
Meet him on the hillside ’neath the sycamore trees
Just after midnight this last day of May
Go to him Laura, and both run away
She hid like a panther in the black of the night
And killed Laura Foster with a bone handle knife
She buried her body in a cold shallow grave
Along with her secret, in the Wilkes County clay
Now Sheriff Bob Grayson was a hard jealous man
All that he wanted was young Laura’s hand
His heart was broken, his head full of rage
When he blamed Tom Dula, not a question was raised
In the village of Statesville, his case quickly tried
He spoke not a word, in defense of his life
They hung him by the neck on the last day of June
And his final request was an old fiddle tune