Stor Mo Chroi /Eddie Kellys
A stor mo chroi when you're far away
Far from the land you’ll be leavin’

It's many a time by night and by day
That your heart will sorely be grievin’

For the stranger's land may be bright and fair
And rich in its treasures golden

But you'll pine I know for the long ago
And the love that is never olden

A stor mo chroi in the stranger's land
There is plenty of wealth and wailin’

Where gems adorn the rich and the grand
There are faces of hunger palin’

For the road is weary and hard to tread
And the lights of the cities will blind you

Won’t you turn a stor to Erin's shore
And the one that you’re leavin’ behind you

A stor mo chroi when the evening’s mist
Over mountain and meadow is fallin’

Oh turn, a stor, from the throng and mist
And maybe you’ll hear me callin’

For the sound of a voice that is surely missed
For somebody’s quick returnin’

A run a run won't you come back soon
To the one who will always love you