Run Secretariat Run
He's off, he was a racin machine
in a flash, he could build that burst of speed
last on the rail four furlongs in
hear the thunder before the strike
feel that gust of wind

Go Big Red, now we're havin fun
go big red, Run Secretariat Run

Down the backstretch with one smooth move
his heart was full of strength
and he had that will to win
around the turn for home he'd find his groove
and his jockey Ron would turn him loose again
and he'd hollar

Go Big Red, now we're havin fun
Go Big red, Run Secretariat Run

After all the years he's been gone
his records, his memory lives on
the undisputed king of the track
the greatest horse to ever live
now that's a fact

Go Big Red, Down the stretch they come
Go Big Red, Run Secretariat Run