The Road I'm On
i take pride i'm an honest man
make my livin the only way i can
strong back and a willin hand
keeps me on the road

life ain't easy life ain't fair
it's lonley here and lonley there
this old truck takes me everywhere
except where i wanna go

times are hard but i don't cry
truck payment and desiels high
lord knows i'm just gettin by
that's the price of bein free

just dropped a load in san antione
it's been three weeks since i've been home
thank god for the telephone
it keeps her here with me
For thirty years i've heard this desiel whine
and you'll find me right here between the lines
this rough and rocky road i've learned to take it
life is what you make it and bein strong
that's the road i'm on

my best friends the radio
there ain't a country song that i don't know
if it's fast or if it's slow i can sing em all
i love my wife i love my kids
i love her touch i love her kiss
and i'm an easy man to miss
cause i'm always gone