It Don't Take Much
The game clock was almost out of time
when little Jared stepped up to the freethrow line
his dad prayed please let it go in
but his heart sank when it bounced off the rim
it's a cruel world no matter what you do
you gave your best son and i'm so proud of you
with a simple word and a fathers embrace
he put the smile back on Jareds little face

It Don't take much, a kind word and a gentle touch
no it don't take much to change somebody's luck
when ya see someone who's fallin reach down and pick em up
a little faith a little love, it don't take much

ninety-eight and still so full of life
Albert made his rounds every night
so many friends forgotten and alone
livin in the local nursin home
Albert sees the love behind their eyes
the kinda love that time will disguise
with a simple prayer and a gentle smile
he put the light back in there eyes for a little while
Mountains can be moved with the faith of a little musterd seed
sometimes in life its the simple things people really need