Chasin A Dream
I left home when i was seventeen
with an old guitar and a tank of gasoline
a little wild but i was free
out on the road Chasin a dream

a million miles i rambled on
a thousand shows and honkey tonks
i'm addicted to the grind
another town every night

C- but there's a majic moment
when the feelins right
when the dream surrounds me
in the ring of light
i hold it in my hands then the lights go down
and i chase my dreams to another town

it's not the road that gets me down
it's the lonesome road and the hangin around
the older i get the more i believe
this crazy dream is chasin me

so i flip a coin and i wait and see
heads or tails what's in store for me
and where i'm bound i don't really know
another town and another show