Starrin in the window of the old five and dime
at a louisville slugger dad can that be mine
he said someday boy maybe someday
i made me some money doin chores on the farm
but when i went back to get it the damn thing was gone
someday, maybe someday
so i waited for christmas for st. nick to call
he brought me just what i needed some new overalls
someday,maybe someday

when i was a young man writing my songs
they said down in nashville that's where you belong
i said someday, maybe someday
i knocked down the doors till i wore out my shoes
spent all my money payin my dues
they said someday, maybe someday
now it's twenty years later i'm workin broadway for tips
cause who knows my new song just might be a hit
someday,maybe someday

a little house on the hill, swing on the porch
kids in the front yard carrying my torch
someday, maybe someday
it's a fast road i'm on with every new step
i get closer to heaven but i'm not there yet
someday,maybe someday
it's been a lifetime writting this song
if you think it's finished friend you'd be wrong
but someday,maybe someday