The Tracer
Written by David Haerle, published by Edendale Station (ASCAP)
© Edendale Station

I’ve been a tracer, tracing over lines
Drawn by others, need something that is mine
I’ve been tracer, been a tracer, got to burn this here paper
I need something that is mine

It’s getting’ clear, the message has arrived
I’ve gotta build something of my own before I die
Before I die, before I die, I’ve got to build before I die
Something of my own

Look around, what do I see?
People gettin’ older everywhere, includin’ me
I see an end, I see an end, my old ways I cannot defend
I’m terrified of regret

Watching youth, slippin’ away
A little more distant, every single day
I must begin, I must begin, if not now well then tell me when?
Step into the unknown

Close my eyes, what do I see?
I see a man, oh the man, I want to be
Take a chance, where I’ve taken none
Well today, I took a step, I’ve begun