Old Country Church
Oh my life was filled with darkness
Couldn’t see the light of day
I was burdened down with sorrow
When I heard my Savior say,
Come to me My yoke is easy,
You’ll find My burden light
You’ll leave the downward pathway
Trade the wrong way for the right


At the old country church
I RAY. . .pented of my sins
I got a born again experience
I felt the love of God within
1) Yes I took my stand for Jesus
And I’m gooooo...ing all the way
2) I want to hear Him say well done
My faithful servant on that day

Yes old Satan’s chains were broken
When Christ saved my soul that night
I walk no more in darkness
Thank God I saw the light
There’s a joy down deep inside me
It’s like a fountain overflowing
And there’s a greater joy awaits me
In that City where I’m going