Broken Hearted Blues
Late in the evening
When there’s no one else around
I think of you darling
And the new love that you found

I wonder if you’re happy
And how you’ve made me sad
Do you think of me darling
And the good life that we had

This old feeling
I just can’t seem to lose
You left me with
the brokenhearted blues

You left me without warning
Like you didn’t even care
I come home to nothing
But sorrow & despair

Someday I hope you’ll learn
I hope you’ll understand
That the brokenhearted blues
Will kill this young man

The whole town’s a’ talk’n
About how you put me down
This is good bye darling
Don’t you ever come back round

I hope you’ll look back
And see your path of sin
And the brokenhearted blues
Will get you in the end