Street Fight
Gather round children
Gather round tonight
Here's a story to tell you
About a racing street fight

Johnny drives a Chevy
Fast, low and mean
Bobby drives a Ford
Any young man's dream

And the whole town was there
Every Saturday night
They all came to see
The Ford and Chevy street fight

Down on Shiloh road
A hot July night
The boys were ready
Not a lawman in sight

You could hear the pipes roar
Smell that rubber burn
The race is on
When they slam that door

The flag was dropped
The pedals hit the floor
The race was tight
You could see door to door

You could hear the metal scream
A half a mile away
And see the sparks fly
I can see them today

And the whole town was there
This sad Saturday night
They all had to see
The final racing street fight