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» HurricaneWilson 02/16/19 18:26:24 » comments: 0

HurricaneWilson Roger "Hurricane" Wilson & The Hurricane Homeboys
"Live At Madlife"
Woodstock, Georgia
Blue Storm Records
By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © February 2019

Roger "Hurricane" Wilson and I have crossed paths many times over the years and although many of those paths were business related, a long and wonderful friendship has blossomed from them. I've had the pleasure of emceeing a few of his concerts, we've also co-emceed a few blues festivals and when Roger did a blues in the schools presentation in my neck of the woods, I had the honor of watching him capture the hearts, minds and souls of a class full of what could have easily been a bunch of unattentive and unruly children. He's also been a big part of the Mary4Music family by having had us review several of his releases and placing songs on our compilation albums.

Normally, when doing reviews, I'd say something like "Live At Madlife" is Roger "Hurricane" Wilson's # release but while at his website, I lost count at "a lot", so we'll just leave it at that. "Live At Madlife", of course, was recorded live at Madlife - a recording studio that just happens to be a place where you can enjoy fine dining and drink tasty cocktails all while being entertained by a band who just happens to be recording their music.

For this session, Roger "Hurricane" Wilson - on guitar and vocals - is joined by Marvelous Marvin Mahanay on bass and Billy Jeansonne on drums. The disc's twelve tracks include ten covers and two Roger Wilson originals.

The disc opens with a smokin' rendition of Freddie Kings "San Ho Zay". The instrumental, which showcased the bands' amazing musical talents, was a perfect song to open with. With Marvin and Billy pounding out a blistering rhythm, Roger puts on a virtual rock/blues guitar lesson. From casually playing rhythm to throwing out some relentless slide, to scorching and note bending licks, and everything in between - he's all over ALL of it.

Not much changes on the following track, one of Roger's originals titled "Why I Do What I Do". With Roger and the guys still going at it full throttle, Roger shares with us the reasons why he writes, sings and plays music and all of those reasons have to do with how good it makes him feel when he does it. That said, I'm taking the liberty of adding another one.....he does what he does because he's damn good at it!

Just like Eddie Boyd did when he recorded Willie Dixon's "Third Degree" Roger absolutely crushes this version. I'm going to take this opportunity to give Roger a personal message by telling him right here and now that the next time I see him play he has got to do this song for me. I may have very well just heard some of the best guitar work I've heard in a very long time.

On another of his originals, like all of us, Roger seems to be baffled about the things taking place in "This Crazy World". He doesn't know how it happened but when he was a kid - as one would be - what they do now, as he did then, they call it ADD. He also doesn't know how it happened but when he was just a schoolboy he did arithmetic in his head and now you need a calculator to buy a loaf of bread......and there is a whole lot more that he doesn't know how happened. Oh yeah, musically, the guys are once again killing it.

Perhaps the best-known version of J. Throckmortion's "The Way I Am" is the one done by Merle Haggard. However, Roger does one heck of a job with this country song as well. It's the only song of the lot with the music being a bit laid back and as a result, the listener gets to appreciate Roger's soulful and tender vocals. Nicely done guys.

So who thinks it makes sense for a three-piece band that consists of a guitarist, a drummer and a bassist to do a song by a pianist with a very unique style? Roger Marvin and Billy, that's who. I've got to tell you, their version of Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" is absolutely masterful.....even without a piano.

Other tracks on "Life At Madlife" include: "Help Me" (S. Williamson), "You Don't Love Me" (W. Cobbs), "Hurricane Blues" (A. Janoulis), "If This Is Love" (M. Mahaney), "You Never Know" (Lyerly/Zack) and "All Along The Watchtower" (B. Zimmerman).

For more - and I mean a whole lot more - on this singer, songwriter, Radio and TV personality, author and educator, just go to BTW, this time you don't even need to tell him the Blewzzman sent you 'cause he's just gonna know.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @
2011 Keeping the Blues Alive Recipient

Los Vertigos Release Rock and Soul Salvation

» LosVertigos 02/15/19 12:46:40 » comments: 0

Los Vertigos Release Rock and Soul Salvation Rock and Soul Revivalists, Los Vertigos have finally finished their new EP, "Rock and Soul Salvation," which is now available for streaming and downloading on Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, and very soon -- on Pandora. It is also available in CD format at all Los Vertigos concerts.

Los Vertigos are members of the Houston, Texas branch of the American Roots-Rock Coalition (ARRC). The American Roots-Rock Coalition is a grass-roots organization whose mission is to curb the excessive use of midi-sequencing in popular music and through its outreach program, expose today's youth to the virtues of public performance utilizing real analog musical instruments.

For booking and press information, contact:
The Kuper Group
(713) 520-5791

Oklahoma Today Article

» Terry Brown 02/14/19 14:53:37 » comments: 0

Oklahoma Today Article See article below.

Buddy Guy

» joshl 02/14/19 12:45:41 » comments: 0

Christone Kingfish is the next explosion of the blues.