Fremont Street
Fremont Street
Hit town seemed like yesterday
had the top down in the heat of the day
but so much has changed since the day you took my name
A couple nights in our old room
could be the thing that pulls me through
the roads been to damn long no one cares Im gone

I'm gettin over it time is what I need
heartbreak ain't easy when your lover leaves
I'm down and out on Fremont Street

Manager's screaming at the girl next door
don't bring your business round here no more
think we're all wrecks here
all running from our fears

I drew the shades and popped in our old tapes
poured another longed for the taste
your kiss and your touch I miss both so much

I see your face just about everywhere I turn
I'm a mess inside I know you know I've tried
to let you go but you know I'm still holdin on

On the streets at 4 am I'm alone and drunk again
It'd break your heart to see just what's left of me