Promise Ring (Duet with Lee Ann Mix)
Promise Ring
Nothing as pretty as a bride in June
been days since we left this room
made some magic in this dive
I'm sure these walls have heard some lies
babe I ain't said me none
It's more than your name on my tongue
your body's warm against my skin
it's not the first love I've fallen in

But it's the last I love you I'll ever whisper to
Since you said I do know this promise rings true

Teardrop fell on your white dress
your sweet words sealed with a kiss
we came as lovers we came as friends
a shady place for hearts on mend
I once prayed for a love so true
where I'd be me and you'd be you
love shines in the city of sin
I ain't the first lost soul you let in

Never said it was gonna be easy
but you've come with me this far
you have loved me like no other
and I ain't never fell so hard