Little Black Heart (Featured Track)
Writer: Jeff Mix

Publishing and Pro: Hiway Songs,BMI

We released this song, Townes on the 21st anniversary of his passing. This song was cut for the album but only ended up on the film during the credit roll. It's now available everywhere!
Mixed by Eddie Spear in Nashville
Mastered by Pete Lyman in Los Angeles
Tracked at Tone Factory Las Vegas and Engineered by Vinnie Castaldo

Key of D

Jeff Mix: Vocals, Guitars

Trevor Lee Johnson: Lead Guitar

Rahmaan Phillip: Viola

Rob Whited: Drums

Steve Bonacci: Bass

Joel Ferguson: Pedal Steel

Little Black Heart
I've got some secrets in this little black heart
if you get to many it'll tear you apart
you knew what you had when you brought me in
you knew you'd get burn just didn't know when

It's been miles and miles and miles
it's been days and days and nights
it's the price that we've paid
in the bed that we've made

Give it some time all hearts will break
never been one to make that mistake
all them bands of gold for show
just to hide where the right hand really goes

I've been to the crossroads
but the devil took a hold of me a long time ago
there are men who ain't worth saving
you're better off to just to let them go