No Tell Motel Flu Blues
No Tell Motel Flu Blues
Well I'm dying in this motel
I ain't really doing well
you can bet I look like hell
I'm watching Flo yell at Mel

I got the no tell motel flu
I just lay here and think of you
with the no tell motel flu

Could of caught it on the plane
I know I should've took the plane
with this pounding in my brain
what does Abel think of Cain
My old man was never right
he taught me to ride a bike
he would never pick a fight
with no wind don't fly a kite

too frozen to off the air no one's holding back my hair I think I crapped my under
with no Sonny there's no Cher

I'm in a robe I'm on the floor
I can't take Nyquil anymore
they won't clean my room
I think I'm gonna die for sure
if they find my body know my soul
is on it's way back home to you