Come Down
It's been a long cold winter
And I've been searching for the end
You tell me God redeems all sinners
If we are sorry for our sins
Well I would like to meet this God of yours
Does he want payment for each and every crime?
I would like to know him better
Wonder if he is a friend of mine

Cold winds blow, I still don't know
If I'm lost or if I'm found
I still have hope this ground will grow
Just as soon as the sun comes out
So when are you gonna come down?
Are you gonna come down?

Does anybody out there bother
Keeping track of all these days?
I think about my mother's father
He is frozen in his grave
And did he meet that God of yours?
Did she ask payment for what was left undone?
Wonder if he's starting over
And if he feels like he has just begun?