In February
Take down the Christmas tree
It's February, it's February
It's all that's left of you and me
I'm getting ready, I'm getting ready
To kiss you goodbye, kiss you goodbye, my love.

I've been awake all night
My head is heavy, my head is heavy
'Cause something does not feel right
I'm standing steady, I'm standing steady
To kiss you goodbye, kiss you goodbye, my love.

Sometimes the winds will bring
A change whether or not we're ready
And sometimes it feels like spring in February

Though I know it's time
It's not so easy, it's not so easy
'Cause when you put your hand in mine
I'm getting dizzy, I'm getting dizzy
When I kiss you goodbye
When I kiss you goodbye, my love.


And the sky won't make up its mind
If it wants to rain or snow
And the sun just runs and hides
Behind the clouds, oh there it goes
And I just want to feel the grass
And I just wanted to believe
This time of pain too shall pass