I Can't Help Myself

I Can’t Help Myself

Met her at a party on the avenue,

She was French or Brazilian, I’m not really sure

I couldn’t understand a single word she said

she made me weak in the knees – made me soft in the head

Might have been the hour – might have been the booze

It might have been thinkin’ I had nothin’ to lose

But the next thing I know I was headin’ out the door

With a lot more woman then I bargained for


I can’t help myself

I can’t help myself

I can’t help myself —I think I’m in love


Most times my life is pretty tame

But like a moth I’m drawn to the flame

She hypnotized me with her stare

I couldn’t move – or get out of there.

She’s a dark haired banshee -- put me under her spell

Everything she did, she did so well

She showed me things I never seen before

I couldn’t stop – had to have some more!


Woke up next morning – she was nowhere to be seen

Wondered if she’s real – or maybe just a dream

Never got her number –Never got her name

But if you see that girl, send her my way again!