Old Soul
OLD SOUL ©2014
Words & Music by Jon Spear

She walked into my hotel
It was raining late at night
I was working at the front desk
She asked me for a room

She said I like that room up above Beale Street
Where I hear the music playin’ as I drift off to sleep
I said “You can have that room. No one’s stayin’ there tonight”

Well she was only 18 if she was a day
But she carried an old guitar from back in the day
She said “No need to show me to my room – I already know the way”

Old soul – You must have been here before
I know your shadow’s crossed my door
Old Soul– I can’t wait to hear your song once more

I walked into the barroom –That’s where the band was staging
There was a young man with a guitar playing blues so fine
With his eyes closed so tight
He bent those guitar strings with all of his might
His music made me cry – sent a shiver down my spine


The old man said “I’m tired” -- I need to take a rest
So he put his saxophone back in the case like a thousand times before
He closed his eyes one last time
That’s how they found him on the couch where he’s lyin’
Another old soul ‘bout to take another trip around.

Old soul – I will miss you my friend / You’re gone now but I’ll see you again
Old Soul –I’m so glad / That I’ve heard your song
Old Soul you’ll be away too long
I won’t have no peace while you are gone
Old Soul – No one knows how much I’ll miss your song