Devil's Highway (Live)
Words & Music by Jon Spear and Dara James ©2014

I went to see the gypsy – to get my fortune told
She looked at me with deep sad eyes – spoke in a voice so cold
Boy, the way you’ve been livin’ –It’s straight to hell you go
I said: “You better give me a fast car, ‘cause walking’s just too slow

Have mercy, have mercy, have mercy on your soul
If you ride the devil’s highway, you have to pay the devil’s toll


The gypsy said you’re much too smug– you need to find your place
And she grabbed some magic powder, and threw it in my face
There was a blaze of fire and smoke, and I went into a dream
And that’s when I saw the devil, lookin’ 10 feet tall and mean


He bared his teeth, reached out his hand and grabbed me by the neck
I punched him in his ugly face and I know I did connect
‘cause he staggered back, I hit him again – we tumbled to the floor
And we fought ‘til our breath was gone and we couldn’t fight no more


I looked in the gypsy’s mirror and I could plainly see
That I had the devil’s face while the devil looked just like me
We were one – we had become the same creature from below
I shook with fear and the gypsy laughed as I ran right out the door.