Paid in Full (Live)
Words and Music by Dara James and Jon Spear ©2014

Baby, you know it ain't no mystery
I been loving you since I was a child
But lately you won't even look at me
And this game you're playing is ‘bout to drive me wild
No matter what I do, it ain't good enough
And I don't think I can take it any more
This dark side of love has gotten way too rough
And I'm too tired to fight a losing war

So, tonight while you're out there doing what you do
I'm finding someone else to take the place of you
And if anyone asks why I'm doing this to you
Tell them the heartache that owe has been paid in full
The heartache that I owe has been paid in full

You turn on those tears whenever you get a chance
Making me cautious of every word I say
Making me feel like I'm less of a man
How did our love turn out this way
You turn your back once more and say goodbye
Expecting me to chase you again
Was your love anything but a lie
What other way did you expect this to end

REPEAT CHORUS and add to the end:
The false words you’ve spoken
The promises you’ve broken
The heartache that I owe has been paid in full