01 Good Thing That Couldn't Happen Here
Given my long time admiration of JJ Cale and my political views, my radio promo guy, Fred Boenig, suggested that I write a cool morning-drive song for the common man. This tune is the result — a blistering, satirical commentary on how the complicity of Big Business, Big Government and Big Media has damaged democracies and citizens’ rights not just in the USA but around the world. Great playing here by my friends John Lee Sanders and Ray Bonneville. This song is dedicated to Amy Goodman, Rachael Maddow, Bill Moyers, Bill Maher, Jeremy Skahill, Walter Cronkite, Noam Chomsky, Travus T. Hipp, Pierre Trudeau and all the other ethical folks I have admired who do and did look out “for the common people.”