03 Old Man and the Kid
Old Man and the Kid (3:12)
Words and Music ©2014 by Kenny Butterill (SOCAN/BMI in USA) and Kenny Feinstein (BMI)

Verse 1
Story started a long time ago,
It’s one that a lot of people know
About how life comes back around,
whatever your journey, wherever your bound.

Verse 2
There was a kid just like you and me,
found himself in dire need
Didn’t know quite what to do,
then an old man came and helped him through.

“Hey kid no need to be blue,
when you don’t know what to do
You got plenty of time,
‘cause there ain’t no finish line.”

“The kid said hey thanks so much,
you’ve helped me out a bunch
If there’s a time when you need me,
I’ll be there you’ve got the key.”

That’s the story of the old man,
the Old Man and the Kid
When you see him you’ll know what to do,
‘cause that kid once was you.