05 Cyrano's Song
Cyrano’s Song
Words and Music by Kenny Butterill

Verse 1
Dear Roxane, my soul is yours,
A lucid dream brought me to your shore.

You inspire me and my art,
You’re my muse, hope you like the part.

I got too close, now I’ve fallen for thee,
Oh Roxane you know it’s true
Since you showed me how to be free,
I just want to soar away with you


Verse 2
When I can’t be with you, I can get by
Your spirit’s there, when I close my eyes.
‘Cause all I need .., is your image in mind
the truth of my love, transcends space and time.

Verse 3
It’s a magic myth, I‘m making with you
Hand in hand, just us two.
So won’t you meet me on Cloud Nine.
A moonlit eternity would be just fine

Answer “Yes” for joyful bliss
And I’ll take care of the rest,.. of the rest.