07 Pajaro Dunes
Pajaro Dunes
Words and Music © 2014 by Kenny Butterill

Key = A (Capo 2/G pattern)

Verse 1
Hanging out at Pajaro Dunes,
A little south of Santa Cruz.
a magic beach, that can’t be beat,
lose your blues at the Dunes.


Can’t wait to get back,
Can’t wait to get back,
And see my baby,
at Pajaro Dunes.

Verse 2
A winter day at Pajaro Dunes,
storm got done around Noon.
rainbow came, swept us away,
love light’s on at the Dunes.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
A sunset walk at Pajaro Dunes,
the beach is empty except us two
When the sun is gone we’ll be carrying on,
fireside love at the Dunes.