08 Greatest Love Story Never Told
Greatest Love Story Ever Told
Words and Music © 2014 Kenny Butterill (SOCAN/BMI)

Verse 1
Here’s the greatest love story never told,
known by two hearts, to have and hold.
A life-long sacred love, they did share,
a love so special, a love so rare.

Verse 2
He was her knight, with charm and grace,
he knew his heart, with her was safe.
She was his princess, storybook romance,
both so happy, they gave true love a chance...

Chorus 1
And she said,
“Wherever you are, is where I want to be.
Promise me this, you’ll wait for me.”
And he said,
“That’s the most romantic thing I ever heard,
and yes, no matter what, I promise you my word”.

Verse 3
Through the years, their life was grand,
he took her to, the promised land.
And then one day they just up & sailed away,

Chorus 2
And she said,
“Wherever you are, is where I want to be.
I’m so thankful, you waited for me.”
And he said,
“I would have waited for you for eternity,
to have your love, means everything to me.”

Verse 4
So that’s the story, and the lesson is,
follow your heart, let real love in.
If you go with the signs, the Universe sends,
and honour your soul,
you’ll find true love in the end.