11 Willie We Miss Ya
Willie We Miss Ya (3:53)
Words and Music ©2008 by Kenny Butterill (SOCAN/BMI)

Verse 1
I wish we could erase the day,
that heart attack stole you away.
Dead and gone in the blink of an eye,
without a chance to even say good-bye.
Will time help ease, this terrible grief?
Will we be granted, some relief?

Verse 2
Your future was so sure and bright,
precious plans were in sight.
Now just your memory’s what remains,
no happy ending, just empty pain.
Where’s our shelter, in this sea of blues?
How will we get over, what happened to you?

‘cause Willie We Miss Ya,
and your Hobo Heart Strings,
your great sky spirit,
and hearing you sing.
We miss your haunting harp,
your magic mando,
the thrill you gave us when you,
cut loose and let it roll.

Though we know,
you found your stardust,
nothing will take,
your place for us.