02 Gaia Blues (feat-Donovan)
A “climate change anthem” about mankind’s connection to the Earth and the perils of ignoring the warnings of Mother Earth (Gaia). Absolutely amazing harmonica by Donovan on this — he actually did a harp duet with my vocal. It was humbling and a really great thrill to have him on this record. An interesting bit of synchronicity happened here. On my last CD I wrote a song about legendary Texas songwriter Townes van Zandt (“The Townes You Left Behind”). Here’s the kicker — the only other time Donovan ever played harmonica on anyone else’s album was for Townes van Zandt. Since this is a siren song about such a serious, urgent issue, I got my album guests to sing on the last verse like a “We Are the World” choir. The angel singing in the choir is the late, great Audrey Auld, while Zoe Muth weighed in with a fantastic harmony vocal during the regular verses.