02 Gaia Blues (feat-Donovan)
Gaia Blues

Verse 1

I went up to see, the man in the moon,
He played for me a blues tune
“go see Mr. Sun, He thinks we may be done,
Gaia cried “could be doomsday soon.”

Verse 2
I saw Mr. Sun, blazing hues of red,
He cautioned me and said,
“The air’s poisoned and grey, time’s slipping away,
Action‘s needed or Gaia’s dead”.

Verse 3
I went to the forest, and sang to the trees,
they wept and talked back to me.
“listen to the Wind well, a story he will tell,
about the sorry state of the seas”.

Verse 4
I looked to the sky Mr. Wind was, howling strong
he told me how we got it all wrong.
“Go to the mountains, dance and drink from their fountains
And you’ll hear the Gaia spirit song.

I looked within, then without
Found Gaia’s spirit, floating about.
“Tell Man for what it’s worth, to honour Mother Earth
Somehow you gotta, figure it out.”