Death Better Take Me Dancing
You may want it tender; want to drift away in bed
With your family wreathed around you and a pillow for your head.
Or you may want a bonfire; strike a match and let it spark.
See it all go up in flames and let it burn out in the dark.

But I want to go out dancing.
When I fall from grace
Just dip me into my resting place.
I'm going down swinging and stomping and stamping.
Death better take me dancing.

You may want a sunset; let 'em watch you ride away.
Tip your hat and turn your back and face your dying day.


Or do you want to live forever?
What would you do with all that time?
How many people would you love and lose?
How many mountains would you climb?

I don't begrudge the Reaper; we all have a job to do.
But when he finally comes to court me,
I hope he's wearing stepping shoes.