A Whole Lot Worse
At least he doesn't hit me
And most of the time, he's sober
When he comes to pick me up.

And he never asks for money
Except that one time
When he went and crashed his truck.

And I know he loves his daughter
Though he hardly ever sees her
’Cause his ex is such a ****.

And he says that if I'm lucky,
He's taking me to Paris
When he finally strikes it rich.

And I know what you're thinking
But he ain't all that bad
In fact, he's better than most of the men that I've had.
And you think he don't deserve me
But I think I'm cursed.
And just between me and you, I could do a whole lot worse.
Yeah, I could do worse.

Well, remember the last one?
Remember the time when I had to sell my car
So I could go and bail him out?

And then there was Frankie.
Oh, I gave him my 20s
And he gave me something to really cry about.

And I still miss my old man
Though his seven year itch
Started the day I took his name.

But honey, this one is different.
He's not like the others.
No. They were all the same.