Keeping It In
If I could write you a letter
I'd tell you how it feels
To be left by the side of the road
Picking rocks from the cracks in your heels.

But instead I just sit in this bar with my beer
Chasing a shot of chagrin.
I swallow them both
’Cause I'm keeping it in.

I want to make you feel worthless.
No one would blame me for trying.
But I'm worn out
Like a screw that's been stripped
From being turned around too many times.


I tried to take what you gave me with patience
That some people mistook for fear,
When the only thing that ever really scared me
Was knowing how much I was willing to bear.

And if I were stronger
If I were brave
If I were somebody else
Maybe I'd have stood up, or stood my ground.
Sometimes, I can't stand being myself.

(chorus: So instead…)