All The Way There
Just get in the car. I know where to go.
We'll cut across West Texas and slip into New Mexico.

I've got some friends there with hearts like mountains.
You can see ’em for miles.
And there's time and space there.
Maybe we could stay awhile.

We could open the windows
And run our fingers through the air.
We could drive barefoot all the way there.

I know you love this city and I love this city, too.
But lately, I've been craning my neck
Just to see a corner of blue.

You don't have to carve your name in the concrete
’Cause I know who you are.
Ain't you tired of looking for diamonds in the sidewalk?
Don't you wanna see the stars?


I wanna trade my shades of gray
For a little blacktop
And some white lines.
I think it's time I cleared my mind.
I'm gonna clear my mind.