Takes a lot of work being angry.
Takes a lot of time being sad.
Takes a lot out of a woman, living like that.

Gonna get in touch with my demons.
Gonna let ’em drive for a spell.
Gonna take ’em out on the town and let ’em raise some hell.

I'm gonna drink the whole bottle
And dance on the bar.
Go find a stranger and take it too far.
Spend all my cash on a new pair of shoes.
I'm thinking ’bout getting another tattoo.
I'm gonna live recklessly
Like you were reckless with me.

I tried to be all kinds of patient.
I tried to keep my fever down.
I guess I got used to having you around.

I let my calluses soften.
I let my heart go slack.
But I'm gonna beat on my chest ’til I feel it beating back.

chorus (2X)