By My Silence (Ellen Bukstel & Nick Annis (c) 2008 Polyrhthym, ASCAP
BY MY SILENCE: (Polyrhythm, ASCAP): Mara Levine with Gathering Time - from Facets of Folk
Written by award winning Florida singer-songwriters Ellen Bukstel and Nick Annis, “By My Silence” has been called “a powerful gut-wrenching song about the regret of keeping a fearful silence during the Holocaust.”(Jonathan Widran) Their lyric was inspired by a poem attributed to Rev. Martin Niemöller, a German Protestant Minister imprisoned for seven years in two concentration camps for his anti-Nazi activities. When asked how he, a Christian Pastor, became incarcerated, his famous answer mentioned many groups that had been taken before him noting that lack of action had allowed the atrocities continue. 2008 Music to Life Song Competition Grand Prize Winner; 2010 Int’l New Zealand Peace Song Comp, Winner; 2009 John Lennon Song Competition, Folk Finalist; #4 song, May 2010 Folk DJ chart. # 1 song, September 2017, Folk DJ Chart(Mara Levine with Gathering Time)