You Reap What You Sow (Susan B. Shann (c) 2007
“I met Sue Shann at the SERFA conference in 2016 and she gave me two of her CDs. “You Reap What You Sow” grabbed me immediately. I loved the melody, especially on the bridge. I love to invite audience participation and the chorus was catchy, singable and the entire song resonated with me as a positive message about doing your best at whatever you do and reaping the rewards or fruits of your labors. One could also interpret the song to mean caring for others and nurturing relationships, in particular keeping your word and your commitments and that this will be returned to you in kind. I heard it clearly in my mind as a bluegrass song and sought out the best of blue-grass talent for the recording. The song also fits beautifully with the overall theme of my upcoming CD Facets of Folk, which has several socially conscious songs, some songs about being a better person and considering how we treat others, as well as some favorites and new discoveries written by contemporary songwriters.” ~Mara