Leaving Liverpool
Fairwell to Prince's Landing Stage,
St Georges hall and Church St
The Adelphi where we took our tea
and strolled to St. John's Market
Oh Liverpool, like Venice you are married to the sea
twas the sea that brought prosperity
and for the same I take my leave
for the same, I now must leave

When our eyes first met at Lime St Station, I knew right then and there
you would be my bonny lad so gentle, true and fair
so gentle true and fair
memories of walking hand in hand shimmering cobblestones wet with rain
a fine, soft evening you held me tight
I knew I'd ne'er be the same

Oh Liverpool, like Venice, you are married to the sea
but it's not the leaving of Liverpool that causes me to grieve

So it's one last glance and I board my train
Colorado I am bound
My thoughts drift back to another day folks were forced to leave this town
Hopes and dreams were all they packed
leaving all they knew and loved
looking forward to lady Liberty
no thought of coming back
They were never coming back


Tears stream down my face
like the rain on the window pane
of this southbound train

It's the thought of leaving you, my love, that causes me to grieve