Another small town Friday night ♪ There’s nothin’ to do and no friends in sight ♪ He was cruisin’ the road - surveying the scene ♪ She just got off work at the Dairy Queen ♪ Must have been fate that her car broke down ♪ At the only stoplight in town ♪ His family wasn’t the best in the neighborhood ♪ Everybody thought she was an angel and he was no good ♪ She’ didn’t have a choice-her car wouldn’t move ♪ She knew that her Momma would not approve ♪ But she just lived a few blocks down ♪ From the only stoplight in town ♪ That started a night they’ll never forget ♪ Her house was on the right but they turned left ♪ When they write their love story the first chapter will show ♪ How two hearts met at that spot in the road ♪ Ten years later he’s a lucky man ♪ A beautiful wife, three kids and a barbecue stand ♪ They do it all themselves to cut the cost ♪ He grills the meat and she makes the sauce ♪ They’ve got the finest place around ♪ The only stoplight in town (repeat 2x) ♪ :)