Greyhound Blues
Baby got a one way ticket to New Orleans ♪ Got a twenty dollar bill folded up in the pocket of her jeans ♪ She’s headed down South - gonna be a Hip Hop queen ♪ (chorus: The wheels go ‘round and ‘round and they never stop ♪ Feels like the farther she goes the farther she’s got ♪ She’s got a picture of her Momma in her shoes - she’s got the Greyhound Blues) ♪ Ten hours down the road she was missin’ a home cooked meal ♪ She got a Snickers and a Coke at the depot outside of Mobile ♪ She couldn’t help but wonder if this was how a celebrity feels ♪ (repeat chorus) ♪ She changed her mind just this side of Ponchatrain ♪ She had visions of home that were dancin’ all through her brain ♪ When she hits the Big Easy there’s no chance she’ll remain ♪ (repeat chorus) ♪ The Greyhound blues ♪ The Greyhound blues ♪ The Greyhound blues