Wish I Didn't Like Whiskey
Wish I Didn’t Like Whiskey

When I go out to have a good time
I find ‘em standin’ all in line
Inviting me out on thin ice
And once again, oh I didn’t think twice

I wish I didn’t like whiskey
Wish it didn’t like me
I don’t need friends, no not like these
They revel in my misery
I wish I didn’t like whiskey, I wish it didn’t like me

Where’d I meet ‘em, how long’s it been
I just can’t turn my back on them
They’re always there when I hit the ground
And let me tell ya neighbor, it’s a long way down


Maybe some day I’ll find an old barstool
Where they won’t know I’ve played the fool
But the only truth in this poor boy’s life
Is I can run but I just can’t hide