Prayin' For Rain
Prayin’ For Rain

Mama’s letter said it’d been hard back home
Seems the devils heat won’t leave a body alone
She sent a picture of a farmer down on a knee
Takin’ in the depth of a dusty sea
A look of desperation, Lord he feels the strain
You gotta know he’s prayin’ for rain

He’s single again and just turned sixty-three
Through his eyes the future is hard to see
Days come and go, shadows still cross the floor
His dreams ain’t his dreams any more
The tears in eyes are so hard to explain
You gotta know he’s prayin’ for rain

Prayin’ For Rain

Like a rain of love that will heal the wounds
And a rain of hope couldn’t come to soon
Let forgiveness fall and wash away the stains
Yeah we’ve all got reasons, to pray for rain

Marriage on the rocks chokin’ on the sands of time
A passionate drought, love’s sure runnin’ dry
A neglected heart walks down a dusty road
Loneliness burns out of control
It’s hell on earth and he can damn sure feel the flames
You gotta know he’s prayin’ for rain